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Fun App Video For A Very Fun iOS App

At Rewatchable Apps, we see all kinds of apps as we create app videos and check out apps that might be good candidates for app videos.   With more than 700,000 iOS apps in the app store there is an incredible range of apps. There are plenty of useless apps, funny apps, apps that are…

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Mobile Video App Syncs Multiple Angles – Pretty Cool!

At Rewatchable Apps,  we build app videos and we’re obsessed with any video related technology.  We just spotted a very cool video app called Streamweaver. Streamweaver is a multi-angle mobile video app that combines video footage from multiple mobile phones. This app isn’t going to put video production companies like Rewatchable out of business but it…

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App Video Production – Tweet Special

Dear App Developers, Need app marketing and PR help?  Of course, you do! You’ve worked really hard on your app and you want people to find and download your shiny new app. You can pick out some pretty screenshots of your app and put them on the app store and that’s a great start. But,…

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Marketing Your App With Video SEO

One of the ‘bonus’ benefits of using video to promote your app is the power and opportunity presented by Video SEO. Video SEO, or Video Search Optimization, is the process of using titles, tags, and description text to give your hosted video the best opportunity to be found for the keywords that are most important…

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