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Fun App Video For A Very Fun iOS App

At Rewatchable Apps, we see all kinds of apps as we create app videos and check out apps that might be good candidates for app videos.   With more than 700,000 iOS apps in the app store there is an incredible range of apps. There are plenty of useless apps, funny apps, apps that are…

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5 Awesome Mobile App Videos According To Kinvey

We just stumbled upon a great article from another Boston area company in the app business.  Kinvey is an app company based in Cambridge, MA.  According to their website,  “Kinvey is a Backend as a Service platform that makes it ridiculously easy for app developers to setup and operate backends for their mobile, tablet and…

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“Super Ridiculously Basic App Video” Offer

Are you an app developer? App marketing company?  Do you need a great app video but have a teeny, tiny budget?  Well, during the month of October Rewatchable Apps  can help.  We can create a “Super Ridiculously Basic App Video” for only $500 during the month of October. We can’t provide all the bells and…

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App Videos Montage on YouTube

Don’t have time to watch all of our app video demos on our home page and on our app video portfolio page? No problem.  We’ve taken some of the best parts of our app videos and assembled a fun app video montage! Need to see the iPhone shake in your app video?  Need to to…

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