“Super Ridiculously Basic App Video” Offer

Are you an app developer? App marketing company?  Do you need a great app video but have a teeny, tiny budget?  Well, during the month of October Rewatchable Apps  can help.  We can create a "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" for only $500 during the month of October. We can't provide all the bells and whistles of our standard app videos.  However,  you will still get a professionally produced app video that will blow away boring screenshots any day of the week. Your "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" will be great for your website, FaceBook, YouTube and any place else you can drop some embed code.

Here are a couple of awesome app videos you will NOT get for your measly $500.


Your  "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" will not include scripting.   Instead, we will just show off what we think are the best parts of your app and edit them together in a fast-paced marketing app video.  Your  "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" will not include professional voice-over.  Our voice-over artists don't work cheap and can't participate in a $500 app video.  Your "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" will be set to cool music we choose.  Your "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" will be displayed in the iPhone shell like the app videos that appear on our website.  We will complete your ""Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" in about two weeks.  If you are in a super rush to get your super inexpensive app video, let us know.

Here are some possible uses for your  "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video".

  1. Companies can use an app video to show off their business app to employees.
  2. App developers and entrepreneurs can show their app video to investors.
  3. Anyone can use their app video for marketing to get more downloads and usage.
  4. Anyone can use their app video to demonstrate their app and educate their users.
  5. App developers can show off their best app in an app video to get new customers.
  6. Everyone can get more attention for their app by showing their app video on their website, Facebook and YouTube.
  7. If your app is newsworthy, you can supply your app video to news outlets.
  8. You can help your app show up in Google with Video Search Engine Optimization.
  9. You can link to your app video in your email marketing campaign.
  10. Your Mom might never download your app but she'll watch a quick app video!

"Super Ridiculously Basic App Video" Offer - Not So Fine Print - Only new customers are eligible for the "Super Ridiculously Basic App Video".  Resellers and partners are not eligible to participate in this offer.  Offer expires October 31st, 2012.  Prepayment is required.  All produced app videos are considered final. There is no revision process.  Although this is a cheap app video, we will still work hard to create something awesome for you!

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