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Short on time?  Need to capture a video instantly and share it with all your friends on social media.  YouTube has a video capture app for that.

Remember the old days when you needed to record video with your iPhone's build in video recorder, find the video in your camera roll and then title and tag and upload the video to YouTube? It was awful and could take upwards of 2 minutes to make it happen!

YouTube just released a new video capture app that lets a user record their video directly from the video app and then "instantly" upload their video with a push of a button.  All of that troublesome finding of your video on your iPhone, adding a title and tags has been removed from the process.   But of course those titles and tags are actually very useful when it comes to indexing your videos and helping them get found later by you and others.  The default title for YouTube Capture App videos seems to be the date of the upload which means your video share the same title as thousands of other videos.  That's great if you want to hide your videos I guess.

Seriously it is a clever, fun app for videos you want your friends to see almost instantly without much hassle but if they are videos you care about you should give some thought to the title and tags.


You can download the YouTube Capture App for your videos here

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