Mobile Video App Syncs Multiple Angles – Pretty Cool!

At Rewatchable Apps,  we build app videos and we're obsessed with any video related technology.  We just spotted a very cool video app called Streamweaver.

Streamweaver is a multi-angle mobile video app that combines video footage from multiple mobile phones. This app isn't going to put video production companies like Rewatchable out of business but it is a great, fun way to share and combine video.

Some of the videos on the Streamweaver website include a dress fitting video, skateboard video and birthday party video.  The birthday video is a great example of how showing multiple angles gives a viewer a much richer view of what was actually happening at an event.  We think the applications for this app are infinite and there are going to be some really interesting videos generated from the app.  Also, we're sure we'll see the videos get better and better as more people use the app and more people get the iPhone 5 which shoots phenomenal looking video.

The Streamweaver App is available at the app store with this link. You can see video examples shot with the app at You can follow them on Twitter @StreamweaverApp

Congrats to Streamweaver for coming up with a great idea and a great app!

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