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iPhone App Video Free Press Release Special - One Day Only 

You've developed a great iPhone app and the world deserves to know about it.  Of course, the first thing you need to do is add your app to the app store.  The problem is there are more than 600,000 apps in Apple's app store.  You need to make sure your app stands out from other apps and is discovered and shared with others.  Step 1 - Create some great app screenshots to help users get a sense of what your iPhone app will do for them. But, you need more than just screenshots to get the word out.

Now you've done exactly what every other app developer has done. You've added your app to the app store and created screenshots. You need some app marketing and app promotion to separate yourself from the pack.  You need to create an app video.  Of course, a professionally produced app video like the ones created by Rewatchable Apps is your best bet but any app video is better than no app video.  If you have truly developed an great iPhone app, it should become obvious with even the most basic 30 second app video.  You can even shoot your iPhone video with another iPhone.  Just hit that red record button, play with the iPhone app for a couple of minutes and make yourself a homemade app video. Now upload your app video to YouTube with keywords related to your app and a link back to the purchase page on the app store.  Add your app video to your web site, Facebook page and tweet it out to the world.

OK, now you're cooking.  But wouldn't it be nice if even more people knew about your app and your app video.  Send out a press release to promote your app and app video.  A press release will be picked up by news agencies, app development sites and search engines like Google and Bing.  What's that?  You don't have time to create a press release to promote your iPhone app and iPhone app video?  You don't know where to get started with a press release and you're concerned about the cost? No problem.  Today only, Rewatchable Apps is offering new app video customers a Free Press Release with the purchase of an app video.  The joint press release will promote your app, your shiny new app video and app video production services by Rewatchable Apps.   Order your app video today by calling 978.666.4068.

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