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GoPro Releases App Video Tutorial for GoPro Cameras Powered With WiFi BacPac

Traditional camcorders might be going extinct but GoPro cameras are flying off the shelves.  GoPro cameras are small "wearable" waterproof and shockproof camera/camcorders such as helmet cameras that are targeted at adventure and sports photography.  GoPro videos on YouTube garner millions of views and have a huge fan following.  The videos are distinctive because they capture video from such interesting places with such high quality.

Of course, the one thing that has been lacking has been lots of control for these little cameras that end up in strange places and are usually not very accessible once mounted.  But now, GoPro has introduced an iOS app that gives users a live viewfinder and more controls directly from iOS apps.  Of course, every great app needs an app video.   GoPro has produced a step-by-step app video tutorial that walks users through setup and use of the app.  The full app video can be seen below. If you want to skip the preamble and get right to the section they shows the actual app, you can use this link to get to that section of the app video.


(Note: App demo video may showcase features to be released with future versions of the app.)

The app is currently available for iOS. Users can control the GoPro videos from their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The free app is available at the App Store via this link  GoPro Video Camera App.   The  HD Hero2 camera and WiFi BacPac accessory are required.  The app is not available for Android yet but is "coming soon".

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