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At Rewatchable Apps, we see all kinds of apps as we create app videos and check out apps that might be good candidates for app videos.   With more than 700,000 iOS apps in the app store there is an incredible range of apps. There are plenty of useless apps, funny apps, apps that are great tools, game apps and some iOS apps that are just plain fun.

We just recently had the pleasure to produce a very fun app video for Broken Thumbs Apps. BTA is the developer of many popular iOS apps including  Kuma san – Your Virtual Friend, Zombie Duck Hunt,  & of course Emily's Dress Up & Shop.

The app video we produced is for Famous Faces Quizzle.  The nice people at BTA let us know they wanted a fun app video for there very fun iOS app and then just let us do our thing. A week or so later they had an app video they love.

We had a blast playing with Famous Faces and then produced an app video that will help BTA market their app to anyone interested in killing some time and having some fun. The app is a game that challenges the player to guess celebrities based on sketches.  I  could tell you all about it but instead I invite you to check out the app video below so you can see it in action.


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