Are App Videos Helping Google Play Pass Apple’s App Store?

There was an interesting story in USA Today yesterday about how Google Play apps are being downloaded at a faster rate than Apple's App Store apps.  The article can be found here Google Play apps pass Apple's App Store.

Here are some of the interesting statistics from the article...

"Google Play app downloads were 10% higher than at Apple's App Store in the second quarter, according to researcher App Annie."

"Revenue from downloads is still led by Apple, whose App Store boasts 2.3 times the revenue of Google Play."

"Games made up more than 80% of revenue on Google Play vs. about 75% at Apple's App Store."

"Google said on its second-quarter earnings call that Android activations have hit 900 million worldwide." 

900 million worldwide? Wow. That's a big number and clearly what is driving the increase on android app downloads via Google Play.  But,there's one other big difference between downloading an iOS app from the Apple app store and downloading an Android app from Google Play.

App Video Demos!

That's right - Google Play allows users to see quick demos of apps before downloading.  Not only do users not want to waste their money on crappy apps they definitely don't want to download apps they just want to delete a few minutes later.

Here's an example of an app video in use on the Google Play store.  Ask yourself the question - Is a user more likely or less likely to download an app after watching the Android app video?

We think the answer is a big YES.  Are you an app developer, app publisher or app marketing company looking to get more downloads for your app?

Give us a call at 978.666.40.68 so we can help you with your app video production today.

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