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Dear App Developers,

Need app marketing and PR help?  Of course, you do! You've worked really hard on your app and you want people to find and download your shiny new app. You can pick out some pretty screenshots of your app and put them on the app store and that's a great start. But, you really need to SELL people on downloading and buying your app.   Mobile devices are getting really crowded with apps and more and more often people need to be persuaded to download an app even if it is free.  App videos make your app come to life before it is ever downloaded. At Rewatchable Apps, we create beautiful app videos that are essentially little video commercials that show off the best features of your app in a fun and informative way.

Of course, everyone needs marketing and PR help.  Even us.  That's why we are running an APP VIDEO PRODUCTION - TWEET SPECIAL.  Tweet  about your favorite Rewatchable Apps App Video before 9/07/12 and get $100 off  your app video purchased before 9/30/12.


Your Friends @ Rewatchable Apps

"App Videos That Get Downloads!"

P.S. - If you tweet about your app video that we produce - we'll tweet about you and your app.


The "App Video Production - Tweet Special" can not be combined with any other special pricing.  App videos must be based on iOS apps. 

iOS App Video Example

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