There are four ways you can make an app video. The first is to film the actual device. The benefit of this method is that it affords an accurate representation of what your users will experience. The downside is that electronic devices don’t film well – especially high resolution electronic devices like the Retina Display iPhones and iPads. Graphics look dull, motion can blur, and you need to film in a VERY controlled environment. The second way is to composite a captured screen onto a real video. These look amazing (it’s how Apple produces their ads) but are prohibitively expensive for most developers, and time-consuming to produce. The third way is to record your screen using the Simulator that comes with Apple’s development tools. This method gives you a great image, but doesn’t let you interact with other apps, or highlight features that use the camera, phone, compass, accelerometer, or location services – AND you have to provide the production company with a working copy of your Xcode project – UGH! At Rewatchable Apps, we’ve developed a fourth method – we use actual footage captured from your app, composited onto a flexible device model. Our recording gear is portable, so if your app uses the camera, or location, or accelerometers, we can capture it all. We’re then able to add everything from touch to device motion to ambient background video (or hands) in post-production, while still offering extremely affordable pricing.

The quality just blows you away... What made it incredibly effective was that they did their homework.
Donald St Saveur, General Manager, 92.5 The River


Rewatchable has been producing online corporate video for a wide range of happy customers since 2009. It was in our everyday work that we stumbled into creating app videos – everything from filming devices with cameras, to compositing screens, to completely virtual sets. Now we’re leveraging that expertise to deliver the iOS developer community an incredibly high quality, inexpensive marketing solution – Rewatchable Apps.


Do you have a minute? Well, your potential customers do. And while Apple gives you five screenshots to tell your story, nothing gives your potential audience an idea of what to expect quite like real live video of your app in action.


Another great reason to use video to market your app is the fact that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are giving increasing prominence to multimedia content like video. A well-tagged, high quality video will feature more prominently in search results than ‘flat’ web pages.

Who trusts Rewatchable?

We’ve been producing corporate video for a few years now, and have had the pleasure of working with some of the largest, most forward-thinking brands in the Boston area and beyond! Here are just a few of the organizations that have trusted their brand with Rewatchable.

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If your app is ready for it’s closeup, check out our online ordering options, give us a call at 978.666.4068 or email us at sales@rewatchable.com.

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