5 Awesome Mobile App Videos According To Kinvey

We just stumbled upon a great article from another Boston area company in the app business.  Kinvey is an app company based in Cambridge, MA.  According to their website,  "Kinvey is a Backend as a Service platform that makes it ridiculously easy for app developers to setup and operate backends for their mobile, tablet and web apps." Rewatchable is based just up the highway in Beverly, MA and we are often in Cambridge for video shoots.

The article written by Kivney's marketing manager, Kelly Rice,  got our attention because it discusses one of our favorite subjects  - app videos!  The title of the article is "5 Awesome Mobile App Videos and Why Your App Needs One Too."  The article discusses 5 different types of app videos and discusses some of the best features of each.

The videos featured in the article include:

Paper by FiftyThree App Video 

LinkedIn Mobile App Video 

CLOO Bathroom Finder App Video 

Gone Wishing Trailer App Video

Echoer Location-Based App Video 

The article also offers great advice for "how to make your mobile app video."  Some highlights of the advice include keeping your app video short, simple and actually showing your app in action in your app video.  Another great tip is to make sure to include a call-to-action telling the viewer where they can find the app.

The article also gives some great reasons why app developers should create an app video for their mobile app.  Our favorite reason on their list is "Consumers love visual content. The less the user has to scroll down and read, the better." If you are interested in making an app video for yourself or if you want Rewatchable Apps to make one for you, we highly recommend you read the full article.

5 Awesome Mobile App Videos and Why Your App Needs One Too

Kinvey Video Describing Their Mobile Cloud As Backend Service

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